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bx Error Codes to Blogger How to Fix

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General Solution of the Errors Received Blogger

Blogger infrastructure with which broadcasts most of friends to worry about where they are installing new template Blogger bx-start errors that he is.

This error might be taken against the first measure to take a backup of your template, not to forget. In case of any error arising from the problem at hand in order to find the template that contains a backup of your job easier.

First, the reasons why Blogger template error when editing one template code to make the slightest mistake or lack of is to delete. To avoid this issue, edit your template after you preview them before saving the template of the error arising from just above the window will print in red. The cause of the error and save them from view so that the intervention was due will have the opportunity.

I really want to talk about the errors arising from users to install new template without removing the previous theme widgets for the solution of those mistakes are made.

Recommend using Firefox to install Blogger My new theme. Firefox webmaster functions are very good. Before uploading your new theme, Blogger has widgets on your old theme back to remove. Then clear your browser's cookies. If you do not get cookies Blogger error is inevitable. Restart your browser after clearing cookies. Theme any of Blogger's default templates to make them. After saving the template repeat the process a little earlier. So you used to clear the browser's cookies. After you restart your browser, you can install your new theme.

If you are installing warning Shortlist themes described above Blogger template error is reduced and take your chances you will be more clean and smooth. In addition to cookies, such as CCleaner can use external apps!.

Some bx-erorcode list: bX-dyj6kr, bX-f2r4wt, bX-42ldx6, bX-q8mnbv, bX-zbdnzi, bX-1ypvl0, bx r1ezpk, bX-53zo97, bx-11sx2z, bX-fv844k, bX-u01hr1, bX-xn6e55